THINSIA Research and Development

THINSIA Research and Development: Information Technology, Biometrics, Artificial Intelligence, human and robotic Consciousness, Education, Robotlaw.

Thinsia offers IT-Architecture solutions since 2001. Thinsia is your partner for state of the art call center solutions. Thinsia offers a Personal Internet Portal, a solution to privacy and security problems of people and organizations.

Thinsia Research is developing a biometric method with heart signals: Heartbeat-Id

Thinsia Research makes high quality executive summaries of your corporate documents, One-Pagers. Read our Thinsia One-Pagers about the origin of life, about where consciousness comes from. You can buy our Thinsia One-Pagers at Pager.One and order your corporate One Pager here: email contact

Thinsia Research is investigating consciousness since 2001. Consciousness developed together with language according to Julian Jaynes. Read the book review of 'Gods, Voices and the Bicameral Mind, the theories of Julian Jaynes'2016, here: Kuijsten-review.pdf

Thinsia Education offers a virtual world as powerful learning environment. The most effective education is, according to scientific research, in small groups in virtual worlds. More info about education and virtual worlds at our website "WonderSchool" here:

Thinsia Education offers a unique workshop: "Common Sense", allow your management team be ahead of our time. For details send an email to email

Thinsia Research investigates AI (artificial intelligence), robots are coming to the workfloor. The website RobotLawOffice for consulting services for robots and law:

To contact Thinsia: email

or call Mr R. Sassen: +31 599 820288